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Sell Your House Fast

on the Clock - Fast House Sale

Do you need to relocate quickly for a new job or any other reason and do not have the time or desire to wait around months to sell your house? We can close as quickly as you need, or slowly if you are just lining up your move.

We can buy your property for cash and close quickly since we do not need to get pre-approved by a bank, get appraisals and inspections. 

House Needs Repairs

We Buy Fixer Uppers

Need to sell a property but it needs lots of work to get it ready for the next family that will live there? Don’t have the money or desire to live in a construction zone for months? Sell us your fixer upper and let us deal with that as that is what we do.

Need Cash Fast

House Cash Offer

Is your property more of a burden and the bills are just piling up? Are you behind on house payments, behind with the banks and want to save what is left of your credit? We may be able to stop a foreclosure sale, and get you some cash in the process. Save some equity and retain some credit by  selling your home to us.