How to Get a Cash Offer and Sell Your House Fast

Step 1: It's up to you to take the first steps and fill out the form to sell you home quickly.

House Purchase Cash Offer

Fill out our short introduction form with your properties info! If there is a situation you face, tell us a little about that as well.

We will review your info

If your property is a good candidate we will review options to purchase your property. We will follow up with you and make you a cash offer to purchase your property. 
If we can’t purchase your property we can try to point you in the right direction.

Once we have a solution, we make you an offer

We will present you with a cash offer to purchase your property. If you are asking yourself, “how do I sell my house fast”, then a cash home sale is your best option. With a cash purchase you aren’t waiting for a real estate agent to bring buyers to your house and do dozens of open houses and showings. After a buyer does look at buying your house, they have to make offers, get pre-qualified with banks, have inspections and appraisals run which takes another 30 to 60 days. 

If you need to sell you house quickly, then  a cash home sale is your best option since we can close in days, or whenever you need to.

House Cash Offer

Once you accept our offer, we will close in as little as 7 days.

We will have a reputable title and escrow company process the deal and get you paid. 

Get Your Cash House Offer

You can sell your house this week and for cash. We can buy houses in any condition. Start the process by filling out this form. We will review the details and follow up within a day and see if we can help each other.

What does a Cash Offer for a House Mean for You?

Since we are not buying your property like a normal retail real estate transaction there are several advantages to you.

No Cleaning or Open Houses!

 To show your property, you will not have to clean your property between open houses, over many weeks while potential buyers and agents come into your house when they are shopping for a property. 

No waiting months to try to sell your home, we pay cash and close quickly!

A conventional real estate sale can be a long process. You won’t have to play the normal real estate games when you sell your property to iBuyIE.

  1. No Agent Needed: You do not have to rely on your real estate agents marketing abilities. You will not have to suffer through weeks of price adjustments and wondering what, if anything, your agent is doing to get your house sold.
  2. There aren’t endless open houses and showings of your property by dozens of potential buyers.
  3. No wondering if a buyer, if you find one, will be able to close the deal and line up financing and appraisals and inspections. The buyer getting financing could take weeks, and if they do not qualify you get to start all over.
  4. No Repairs are needed: We will buy your house as is and take care of any repairs and unforeseen and unknown expenses. You won’t need to worry about an FHA loan falling through because of a electrical or structural issue, or just some lack of a carbon monoxide sensor. HGTV makes it look fun, but after you explode a couple water lines or ruin your flooring you realize it is a little more complicated and definitely more expensive.

No waiting to sell your house to us as we pay cash and close as fast as you need.

No Fees or Commissions

There are no hidden fees when selling your home to us, no nickel and diming, no agent fees, or closing fees (6% and up). Closing costs (2-3%), fees and commissions can add up to 10% of the price of your house when you sell.

We pay all closing costs and there aren’t any commissions when you sell your house for cash and close quickly to

There are also plenty of hidden fees when selling your house with a realtor and just the cost of getting your house ready to show.