(FAQ) Need to Sell you House Fast? Frequently Asked Question about Selling my House Fast for Cash

Some common questions many sellers may ask are answered below

How Soon Can You Buy Our House?

We can buy your house as quickly as a week. Even though we typically buy property with cash, there are still plenty of forms and documents to fill out and go over for the city and state.

Why not just list my house for sale the conventional way?

Selling your house with a real estate agent is always an option if your house is in great shape and you have a few months for a buyer to come along and another month or so for the buyer to close on the property. We are here if your house is not in great condition, or if it is in great condition but you need to sell quickly. We can close quickly and without a bank to reject our deal.
We also won’t charge you closing costs like a normal sale, or any commissions like in conventional sale. We won’t hold all those sale contingencies over you as negotiating tactics to nickle and dime you either.

Are you a Giant Faceless Corporation Trying to Trick Me?

Nope, we are just some local Real Estate Investors helping home owners like you. We renovate properties to make them like new again and then help other families like yours and ours rent or buy them.

Do you have customer service?

That is why we are here. We love to help people with their financial problems so we both benefit. Tell us all about your problem using the form, and we will see how we can help you.

Get Your Cash House Offer

You can sell your house this week and for cash. We can buy houses in any condition. Start the process by filling out this form. We will review the details and follow up within a day and see if we can help each other.